Sunday, October 31, 2010

Month O' Organizing-It's a Party!

My kids love to have a party.

Any kind of party.

It's Tuesday? Let's have a party!

The dog pooped in the floor? Let's have a party!

My oldest daughter REALLY wanted to have a Christmas party this year, but man, December gets so packed with family and school stuff it is hard to find another day that we can squeeze in another party.

That being said, we decided this year to have a Halloween party.

I'm not all about ghouls and haunted houses and other creepy Halloween things, I just wanted to satisfy my kids and have a good time.

So we handed out some invitations, I gathered up some crafts, thought of a few games, put some snacks out and I think it turned out pretty good.

When the kids arrived, they went into the dining room to decorate some bags for the "Candy Bounce." As soon as everyone got here, I had all the kids go outside and we started the games.

Game #1: Pumpkin Grab
I had about 20 mini pumpkins that we threw in a pile of leaves. The kids each took a turn and had 45 seconds to find as many pumpkins as they could.

I think the most pumpkins found by any one kid was 7.

It was a lot harder than I thought it would be!

After everyone had a turn, I had them all jump in and get all the pumpkins out. The kids had a ball!

Game #2: Candy Bounce
The kids and I blew up 4 bags of balloons and put them on the trampoline.

Then we added about 7 bags of candy.

Hubby got on the trampoline and bounced one kid at a time. They had 20 seconds to grab as much candy as they could. I could have let them go longer, but we ended up giving each kid 2 turns in the candy bouncer.

This was hysterical to watch. The kids had a great time.

After the games, the kids came inside for some craftiness. Of course, I had to make a cute presentation.

It's a sickness.

I'm sure there is some kind of fancy syndrome name for it like

HTMIC-Syndrome. (Have to make it cute).

There were two crafts ( I found them at Joanne's on sale awhile back):

Last but not least was the food.

Since I was entertaining kids from ages 6-10, it wasn't fancy (YooHoo, Bagel Bites, Doritos and Chex Mix) but it was cute! (HTMIC syndrome strikes again)

It was a blast and I think the kids (at least the girls) enjoyed it too!

Have a Happy Halloween!!

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