Monday, October 25, 2010

Month O' Organizing

September was the dubbed the "Month O' Painting."

October is the Month O' Organizing. I have already gotten some of it accomplished, but I am going to st-r-e-t-c-h the blogging about it as long as possible to get some good blog action from it.
Here are the super exciting posts you get to look forward to:

Bathroom (today's subject)
Kids' rooms
Decorating Closet (that is super scary)
Master Closet
Maybe the pantry

I don't want to get too carried away because I only have the first two items done and there are only two weeks of October left. I don't want to set myself up for failure you know.

Anyway, I think I can get two posts from the bathroom blog. (I have to think about that now because I have really stunk up the whole "keeping up the blog thing" this summer.)
My family has been quick to jump my case about it!

Disclaimer: This post is very embarassing because you are going to see how completely unorganized I have lived for the past year. But I am just going to be real and hopefully you won't go blind looking at the chaos.

I have TONS of storage in my bathroom. It's a little ridiculous really.

But here is how I have treated it thus far:

These are the upper cabinets.

You can see a couple UNUSED lazy susans and a small set of drawers.

Oh and you can also see my youngest daughter's "fake hair." Looks gross just sitting there, but looks pretty cute in her hair.

Except when it falls out in the middle of P.E. class and freaks her friends out!

(Really did happen)

This is the lower bank of cabinets. Pitiful isn't it.

I know. Don't scold me.

I still have one more area to reveal the pitifulness of.

This is the area below the sink. See more containers and drawers.

I totally do it backwards. I like to get the organizing stuff then try to put the junk in it.

It is more fun to find the cute stuff to organize with than to do the

actual organizing!
So I started out by setting the timer for 10 minutes and unloading the cabinets. As I unloaded I divided the junk into categories. You know, pool, guests, towels, bedding, medicine, spa, cleaning, stuff to go somewhere else and of course trash.
Next I wiped the cabinets out then tried to rationally think about where things should go. I had to consider what needed to be gotten at the most and what I needed to store but wouldn't need that often.

I told you all my categories. Here are the loverly afters.

The Upper Cabinets:

The lower cabinets:

Finally under the sink:

My categories were not just arbitrary. In fact, that is what the next post is about. There is a small clue in this blog, but I'm not going to tell. You just have to try to find it, come back and read the next installment and see if you are right.
I'm mean that way!

I'm linking up at Domestically Speaking for an Organization Party. Maybe some of the ideas will encourage you to do some things for those unmentionable areas in your house. They sure make me want to get to the decorating closet!

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