Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Month O' Organizing- Dreaded Junk Drawer

Yes, it's November, and October was my month dedicated to organizing, but technically this project was completed in October, so I'm using it.
So there.
Sorry, been around kids for the past 24 hours, my sass got the best of me.
I have a SUPER island in my kitchen. If you haven't seen it, check it out here.
The bad thing is that it is a super clutter magnet.
It is the first stop when we walk in the door and everything lands there.
I was reading the Nester's 31 days series and she had a post about a "man station."
I thought that was pretty brillant.
So I decided to dedicate my junk drawer
(well, okay a PORTION of it)
to my man for his "station.
Here is the before: This is the drawer that I stuck everything in I didn't know what to do with when we moved in -a year ago- and it has just gotten worse since then.
See that Valentine's dish towel?
The dish towel drawer is RIGHT NEXT TO IT.
Don't ask me why it ended up in there. Well, okay ask me. It is probably because that drawer is too crammed.

I emptied it, purged some stuff, put other stuff away and dedicated each section to certain members of the family.
Here is the after:

The far left is for the kids.

It is the homework, school paperwork section.

I found about a million pencils in this drawer. We can NEVER find a pencil. The far right section is hubby's.

This is all the stuff that ends up on the counter.

Yes, that is a smoke detector.

It was removed the other night when it went off as he was frying bacon.

Yes, I have a degree in Safety and Health as well a certification in School Safety.

I am a prime example of do as I say and not as I do.

The middle section is mine all mine.

That is because most of the clutter that gets on my nerves is mine. It is another disease. It is called the Sprawl-Your-Stuff-All-Over-the-House Disease.

Maybe that medicine in my section will help.

Oh! My organizing spread to the drawer next door and I tackled the dish towel drawer. I didn't get a before (but I'm sure you can imagine if I couldn't squeeze in one more towel), but here is the after-sheer loveliness!

I love dishtowels, can you tell?

I think I am going to extend this organizing month for a little while longer. I have a pantry project to share and I REALLY want to tackle the master closet.

I'm thinking I have another series idea thru all this, remember "Decorating A-Z?"

I may post an explanation about it in a few days, keep coming back!

OH! BTW, I'm sure you noticed that I changed my blog background. I need some feedback from you all to see if you can read it okay. When I pull up my blog on my iphone, I can't read it because the background doesn't pull up (and the font is white). I'm hoping you all are able to read all this. If you don't mind, would a few of you leave me a comment and make sure all is well on your end?

Another BTW, if any of you readers are blog pros, I could use some help reorganizing my blog. Maybe a total revamp? If you have any suggestions or people you know, pass them along!


  1. I like your new background and I can read everything fine. I usually read your posts in Google Reader though. :)

    Didn't know you had degrees in safety and health and school safety - that's neat. You can safety-fy my house when you come help me decorate! Haha! Seriously though, once my wall 'o shelves is done I do want you to come go through my stuff and help me. I also need help deciding how to paint that section. My FIL is working on them and has most of the pieces cut, so I'm hoping sometime before Christmas that they'll be in!

  2. The background is nice but the link to other sites are unreadable to me. Well... if the type isnt in bold I can't read it.
    Good post.... but how many dish towels can one family use??



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