Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Field Trip-Part 3

If you were absent for the other field trips, you can catch up here and here. You don't even have to have a doctor's excuse!

The last installment is to show you all some signs that I made for my classroom. I'm sure you all are like me and find all kinds of inspiration in stores and on the 'net. If you are also like me you think "I'm not paying that! I could totally make that myself!" When I feel guilty for creative theft, I just remind myself that copying is the highest form of flattery.

When you first walk into my classroom this sign greets you:

I found several variations of this on pinterest. I painted mine to have a "used chalkboard kind" of look then I picked some of my favorite lines from the inspiration ones.

This next sign was the first one I ever painted. I still love the message.

I have it hanging over my student computer workstations:

Next up isn't really a "sign" but maybe it is. It coordinates with my "Mrs. Cash" letters I showed you last time. Go up top for the link. I did the same thing: different font styles decoupaged with fabric and/or paper and at least one was spray painted. "Lakers" are our district's mascot

. Not really sure what a "Laker" is, but I support 'em just the same.

Next sign I saw in a store and I took a picture of it because I HAD to make it for my students because they do...

Up last is one more idea taken from pinterest. If any of you are teachers you've definately heard the phrase "I can't do it."

I tell my students to put the word "yet" on the end of their sentence.

Or what about this phrase? (spoken by a student as I AM EXPLAINING THE CONCEPT)

"I don't get it." Drives me crazy. every. time. But I still love my job!

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