Monday, September 19, 2011

Field Trip-Part 1

I've shown you all pretty much all over my house. Today we are going to go on a field trip!

I am the Title I teacher at a local elementary school. That means that I work with small groups of children who need extra instruction in reading, math or even behavior/social skills. My classroom used to be science lab and storage room. This is my second year in this room and there are many things I would still love to do. But let's go take a look. I'll break this down into a few posts because there are several little things I want to show you all. And I want to make you come back :)

Entering from the adjoining room:

The "Keep Calm" sign was my adaption to the "Keep Calm" stuff you can now find all over the place. I had a super old scrabble board in the depths of my cabinet that wasn't being used so I created a display. (The board is super and it is old, but I really mean for it to be super-old. As in extra old.)

I tried to think of as many "school words" as I could. It was easy at first, then I started running out of letters. I laid out the design. Made adjustments when I needed an extra word in other places then hot glued the letters down. I used 3M velcro hanging strips to hang it on the door.

The word "target" is my attempt to bring Senate Bill 1 into my crafting-- Not.

As you look across the room, you can see the big old wall o' cabinets.

This was a total. eyesore. Great storage, but not so easy on the eyes.

The cabinets are great, but I could not work in the room while staring at all the junk that was on the shelves. It would literally drive me insane. I got some drop cloths, a few yards of fabric, some ribbon and stitch witchery to help me with the cover up.

I just cut the fabric into strips, added the stitch witchery to the sides and ironed it onto the drop cloths. To hide the rough edges I hot glued the white ribbon on top of the sides. To hang them I bought cheap cafe rods and used curtain clips. I didn't even hem the drop cloths; I just folded over the extra fabric.
I'm going to link up with The CSI Project this week for the "Decorating with Letters or Words" Challenge.
Thanks for dropping by! Later in the week I'll show you my desk and the artwork I've painted for the room.


  1. It looks so much better with everything hidden away like that. Good idea with the drop cloths. I love the Scrabble board with school words! What~ No naughty talkers in your crowd?:>D xo Diana

  2. I have been working on cleaning up my studioffice this week. It is a good feeling to have everything organized. I love the Scrabble board idea. My daughter loves that game - I may just make her one for Christmas. Very clever.

    My best- Diane

  3. I LOVE the words on the scrabble board. Very fun project!

  4. Your classroom is amazing. You've obviously put a ton of time and effort into making it a great place to be. I love the scrabble board and keep calm sign especially.



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