Monday, December 26, 2011

Before It All Comes Down

I can't motivate myself to take my decorations down yet. Kind of like I couldn't really motivate myself to put them up in the first place. Not sure what my problem is this year, but I'm hoping that this lack of motivation doesn't last long.

At any rate, I cleared off some surfaces and tried to snap pictures of some of my favorite vignettes this year. I didn't put nearly as much greenery or lights up as I usually do. AND! the lights that I did put up seemed to peter out on me. Could be because they are years and years old. Who knows?

Here is my entrance:

There are lights in that greenery. I didn't get them plugged in until around December 23rd and the timer never worked-so, those lights only lit up the first night. Whatev...

I was on a bit of a cloche kick. Who am I kidding, I'm always on a cloche kick. And a button kick. And a plate kick. And a red kick. You get the idea. But I did like the nativity set under glass.

Next up is the kitchen.

I have a ton of counter space, but this counter is a thorn in my side. For one thing, the wall had a horribly placed light switch/outlet plus a sink. Also it is clutter central. But I did manage to find an arrangement for the wall that I think I actually like. I'll talk more about that another day. For Christmas, I just put some ornaments on a couple of the plates.

This corner holds a vignette I love really just because of the polka dots.

The "Ho balls" (or "OH balls" depends on how you read them) are some that I bought and some that I made. The white ones are ceramic and bought. The red ones are red ping pong balls that I painted "ho" onto with a paint pen. I love them! Here is a close up for comparison of the two varities.

Last up is the sun porch. Some other changes have taken place in there, but let's just look at the tree and one corner.

I bought the burlap birds from Ballard's and the red snowflakes I got last year on clearance.

Thanks for dropping by! I'm off to procrastinate a little bit longer!


  1. Pretty vignettes, Molly! I've got a few cloches around the house, too. Love the "Ho" balls and the red and white mix goes so well with the polka dots in the jar next to it! I leave everything up until after New Years and even then, when I start to take things down, I start with the little stuff and work my way up to the tree. It seems like an awful lot of work and then it's over so quickly!

  2. It looks lovely. I love your little cloches...especially the Nativity one. I didn't do nearly as much this year as in years past either...and half of the deck off our dining room-the swag lights went out and I left them...shame on me. We are leaving everything in place here until after New Year's Day.

    Love your polka dot bulbs and the HO/OH bulbs. xo Diana

  3. Love your cloche and ho vignette.enjoy your weekend joann

  4. Love your cloche and ho vignette.enjoy your weekend joann

  5. Love your cloche and ho vignette.enjoy your weekend joann



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