Monday, December 5, 2011

The 2011 Mantles

For those of you who were bored with me only showing previous mantles(Elise :) ). I'm finally showing off the 2011 mantles. And my new white brick...

There are lots of people having mantle parties. Check down at the bottom and go visit them. If you haven't done your mantles yet, you are sure to find some inspiration or some more pins for pinterest if nothing else!

I'll start with the upstairs mantles.

My "Fa la la" has made it's 3rd appearance, the window is back for it's second year. This year I decided to use my red, silver, and blue ornaments that were on top of my kitchen cabinets last year.

I just stuck them on white and or glass candlesticks that were nestled among the garland.

This vignette sits on the hearth. The presents are just empty boxes, but I love that blue and white polka dot paper too much to let ALL of it get ripped to shreds!

Alright, let's move downstairs.

This mantle is very similar to the upstairs one. I used some favorite ornaments that I found at Kirkland's about 5 years ago. I'm using more black accents downstairs so I used black candlesticks and black polka dot ribbon in my garland.

On the hearth I stuck some miniature trees into red buckets and added some light green filler.

Here's a full fireplace shot. What do you think of the new white brick? That one oddball brick had some interesting writing on it and I didn't want to paint over it.
The new paint job definitely lightens up the downstairs. I've done some rearranging down there, but I may wait until after Christmas to share the new views.

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  1. Molly your mantels look fabulous! Thanx for coming to the party lady!

  2. Your mantels are so pretty and festive, Molly!

  3. I love both of them, Molly! Really love your Fa La La mantel ~ the colors are so fun! Great garland, too. I like to wrap empty boxes too. I use them in a fairly good sized sled I have and near the smaller trees I put up. I think it just looks more festive with them. Plus, you're right, you get to use some of your favorite wrapping paper and get to see it.

  4. Your mantles look wonderful. I love them both but I am really taken with the FaLaLaLa idea. How cute is that?!?! And I love the little sign in the lower setting- Because Nice Matters.

    I like the painted brick. It really does lighten a place up, doesn't it...and I love that you left the one brick unpainted because it was special. xo Diana

  5. Both of your mantels are beautiful! The too cute and unique. Would love to paint my brick fireplace, but my hubby says no. Over from Kristin's linky party, going to look around your blog.
    Have a great week and thanks for sharing :)

    Andrea xx

  6. Molly, I love your mantels. The FaLaLa sign is so cute. I have never seen that before, so unique. The black dotted ribbon is really cool. I love each element and the touch of the light green really stands out.
    I am a new follower. Blessings,



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